A beguiling assault on the senses; India is a heady mix of riverside temples, exotic festivals, desert forts and lush valleys. Boasting an eternal appeal for the first time visitor and seasoned traveller alike, tours to India uncover a bewildering variety of cultural traditions and natural beauty. Whether you opt to tour Delhi’s colourful markets and Mughal forts by rickshaw, follow in Rudyard Kipling’s footsteps in search of Indian tigers in Madhya Pradesh or take a luxury kettuvallam (house boat) cruise through Kerala’s palm-fringed backwaters you’ll be spellbound by the rich heritage of each region you travel through. On our group escorted tours and individual tailor made holidays to India, you’ll really get under the skin of this country of contrasts and create life-long memories along the way; from trekking through the verdant tea plantations of Darjeeling, to exploring the opulent palaces of the pink city of Jaipur, to discovering the Jain temples and sandstone forts of Jaisalmer on a camel safari tour. And throughout your Indian journey, we’ll arrange some unforgettable experiences along the way; like taking high tea in the elegant Crystal Gallery of the Fatesh Prakash Palace in Udaipur, seeing the sun rise over the Taj Mahal on an early morning guided tour or enjoying a luxury screening of a Bollywood blockbuster in the lavish Raj Mandir theatre; India’s most opulent movie auditorium. Epitomising the essence of Indian luxury, the hotels you’ll stay in are likely to be another highlight of your India tour from a sumptuous Royal palace in Rajasthan to an opulent, colonial summer house in the shadow of the Himalayas.

  • Food & Wine

    No surprise that curry is the staple dish here but don’t imagine that means every day is the same since the style of food varies enormously according to the region you’re travelling in and the availability of local ingredients. You can normally ask the kitchen to increase or reduce the amount of spice according to your taste, and western food is also available in most places too, if spice is not your thing or if you just fancy a change.

  • Shopping

    India is not just a shopper’s paradise but a haggler’s haven.  Markets and bustling cities can be hectic but it gives a real insight in the way of life here. You’ll find stalls full of beautiful exotic goods such as scarves, rugs, beads, statues, jewellery, trinkets and wooden items that are even better if you negotiate a fair price. Every colour, every size, every variety imaginable…ready to tempt you. You’ll certainly be spoiled for choice.

  • Culture

    Culture is a big part of life here. There’s an established way of doing things and a festival for almost every day of the year. India has hundreds of different religions and thousands of different gods so there’s always something going on. The culture here is also reflected in the many forms of dance, music and cuisine. It’s great to simply observe life and watch the world go by, especially family get-togethers or, if you’re lucky, a wedding.

  • Geography

    It’s like a battle of little and large. Big, bustling and slightly chaotic, India, located in southern Asia is home to over a billion people, it’s the seventh largest country in the world and offers a world of contrast. Lapped by the India Ocean it stretches from the mighty Himalayas to tropical islands dotted off the coast including the beautiful Maldives – a haven for luxury and relaxation and the perfect end to any trip to India.

  • Nature & Wildlife

    India is home to some of the most famous tigers in the world, not least the beautiful Bengal Tiger. The best way to see these is at one of the many national parks and sanctuaries where you can take a safari in search of tigers as well as other wildlife. There are many conservation projects throughout India to protect the varied and beautiful array of wildlife in the country. Expect to see elephants in the streets, decorated for festivals, elephant polo matches and races. 

  • Activity & Adventure

    In India, every day is an adventure. There is so much choice of activity that it can be hard to shortlist what to do, whether it’s exploring a temple, taking an exciting train journey, sleeping in a Keralan houseboat, venturing high into the hills or indulging in a little me-time at your palace hotel. Experience India’s sprawling deserts on a camel safari and for the more adventurous why not go mountaineering and trekking in the pristine surrounds of Shimla.


  • Taj Mahal – iconic, romantic and intriguing. Different at sunrise, different again at sunset
  • Shimla – former Himalayan hill station that’s so British it’s untrue
  • The beautiful pink city of Jaipur – designed by royalty it is filled with palaces and pink coloured buildings
  • The beaches of Goa – the perfect place to relax and feel the sun on your face
  • The tropical backwaters and riverside villages of Kerala, known locally as ‘Gods Own Country’ – it certainly lives up to its reputation

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